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Our IT consulting utilizes 25+ years of experience around cloud solutions to enable law firms to step into a remote workforce. Our goal is to provide peace of mind around data and technology needs. Assuring out clients’ technology problems or concerns are in good hands and backed-up. We take great pride in providing unique solutions and exceptional customer service every single day. We are here for you!

"Hiring Marcus for our firm's IT and back-office systems management was one of the best things I've done for my law firm!  He took the time to listen to our needs and how I wanted to set up our online platforms to enable our team to work remotely and more efficiently.  His ongoing support for our law firm gives me peace of mind that we have the necessary expertise to handle any IT situation."
Crystal McDonough, McDonough Law LLC
Owner and Founder
"In 2017 I hired Marcus Danko to act as the in-house IT department in our small company. He is not only fantastic with IT maintenance and support; he also made the company more virtualized, enabling staff to become more efficient as a whole. That has made all the difference. I always appreciated that Marcus completely understood the timing needs and budgetary concerns of a very small company. If I want something to happen, to make some change in the way we do business, he writes out a plan with the budget, timing, and steps he will take to get it implemented."


Marcus Danko

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